Price list and menu

All events are organized on request. The whole-evening schedule:

  1. arrival, optional greeting – depending on the customer request
    (welcome drink: champagne, apricot brandy, plum brandy)
  2. wine tasting in the wine cellar
    (the part with wine barrels)
  3. dinner (warm meal)
  4. programme of the evening
  5. supper (cold)

The schedule is optional. Customers can choose whether there will be some meal or not and what will be the order of schedule points.


  • "Flamendr of Hustopeče"
    (pork or chicken meat, chopped in stripes, horseradish)
  • grilled chicken 1/4
  • grilled steak (pork, beef or chicken)
  • grilled turkey legs
  • beefsteaks of two colors (pork)
  • chicken in cheese sauce with broccoli
  • pork / chicken skewer
  • fried chicken legs and wings
  • fried pork or chicken schnitzel
  • warm pork leg, cut in front of the guests
  • duck breast with sauerkraut
  • venison goulash
  • roasted trout on butter

Side dishes

  • bread
  • rolls
  • potatoes
  • fried (American) potatoes
  • potato salad
  • pasta salad
  • dumplings


  • vegetables – large (cucumber, tomato, pepper, cabbage, carrot)
  • vegetables – small (cucumber, tomato, pepper)
  • pickles, mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut


Cold buffet

  • dry Czech salami (vysočina, poličan, herkules)
  • ham (pork, chicken, turkey)
  • bacon
  • Moravian smoked meat
  • Moravian sausages
  • headcheese
  • white pudding sausage, black pudding sausage
  • smoked meat
  • grease cracklings
  • sausages – 2 varieties
  • cheese – 4 varieties


  • white cabbage salad
  • red cabbage salad
  • "šopský" salad (tomato, cucumber, pepper, Balkan cheese – salty)
  • spring salad (Chinese leaves, carrot, pepper)
  • horseradish with apples
  • pasta salads
  • fruit salads

Something for demanding customers

  • roasted piglet, cut in front of the guests
    (must be ordered three weeks in advance)
  • banquets
  • rauts

The vegetarian menu

Please be so kind and make your order of vegetarian menu in advance.
  • fried cheese
  • soya meat "flamendr"
  • pasta salad with vegetables and cheese
  • penne Quatro Formagi


  • potatoes
  • bread, rolls