Hustopeče a okolí


Hustopeče – the gate to Velké Pavlovice wine area, one of the best known localities of wine growing and production in the Czech Republic. The area has long tradition of wine making and the production is of top quality. The surroundings of Hustopeče is rich with colorful wineyards and cycle-paths.

The town of Hustopeče offers sightseeing as well as relaxation. There are modern outdoor and indoor swimming pools and sports hall in the town centre. You can ride a bike on special path called “Wine Trail” with beautiful view of wineyards and Nové Mlýny dam.


Lednice – the town is called "the garden of Europe". Only 15 km from Hustopeče, the Dukes of Lichtenstein decided to change their manor into an extraordinary large park, planted with various herbs, plants, and rare wood. The castle in baroque and new-gothic style was completed with a large greenhouse with tropical flora. Nowadays, it is open to visitors.

A walk around the castle pond (you can also go on a boat) can bring you to Minaret, which offers a unique view of the area.


Pálava – a biosferic reservation, protected by UNESCO. White rocks towering over the wineyards watch beautiful countryside with loads of nature and culture values. The fauna and flora are in beautiful accord with wineyards, giving a magnificent view in all seasons.

Cyclist trails ensure beautiful and interesting experience of the wineyard countryside. Under Palava, in the Nove Mlyny dam, there is an excellent chance for fishing, which is great for holiday relaxation.


Valtice – belongs to the area protected by UNESCO and called Lednicko-valtický areál (Lednice and Valtice Area). The town of Valtice welcomes you with a baroque castle – a representative residence of the family of Lichtenstein. In the neighborhood, you can visit the so called Tři Grácie ( The Three Graces) – a beautiful building of a half-circle shape with statues. Another attractive place is a romantic building that was inspired by the Rome Triumph Arch – Rendezvous.

On the way back to Hustopeče you can walk through the Stations of the Cross uphill the Saint Hill and see the largest burial chamber of middle Europe located in Mikulov.

To achieve complete relaxation you can go to Austria – there is a thermal spa 50 km from Hustopeče in the town of Laa An der Thaia.